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Who We Are

We are the first financial company offering Leasing in Haiti. We are specialized in financing production equipment and vehicles for professional use.

Our Vision

Become the strategic partner of a new generation of smart Haitian entrepreneurs in order to develop the productive sector.

Our Mission

Offer innovating financial tools reinforcing the abilities of entrepreneurs /SME in order to attain prosperity.

Our Values


We listen to and are close to our clients. Our team is made up of dynamic professionals always ready to meet your needs.


Our company culture is based on ethical principles orienting our choices, our actions and our relations: we are committed to our clients.

Our company’s philosophy is structured in an unconditional commitment subscribed by our founders and consisting of dealing with all our stakeholders, clients, providers, community in all honesty and integrity.


We propose financial solutions in line with our promises in all transparency, with constant leases throughout the contract duration. We fulfill our obligations towards our partners.

We are accredited by BHR and comply with the rules and standards set by our regulators.


At Ayiti Leasing, we put emphasis on “the man and the woman” behind the company.

  • Reputation
  • Seriousness
  • Motivation
  • Vision
  • Case by case project study


We take daily actions so as to help our clients reach their goals. We are committed to reliable and safe solutions adapted to the needs of our clientele.


We propose innovating and forward-thinking financial solutions helping our clients anticipate the future and seize new opportunities.

Our Solutions

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Leasing Medical Equipment





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What is Leasing?

Leasing or a financial lease is the operation through which a financial institution (lessor) buys equipment or a vehicle for professional use for a company (lessee or client) at a Provider and makes it available and lets it to the said lessee for a fixed term against a rent.

Leasing - Mecanisme du Credit

Type of Leasing

Operational Leasing

In this type of Leasing, at the end of the contract the entrepreneur may either return the good to the lessor or buy it for the remaining value of the equipment on sale.

Financial Leasing

In this type of Leasing, the company or the professional becomes the owner of the equipment or the vehicle for a symbolic value set initially upon signing the contract.



The party owning the equipment (the leasing company).


The company or the professional renting the equipment.


The person from whom the Lessor purchases the material to be let according to the leasing contract.

Characteristics of the operation

Rental or royalty

A fixed amount paid monthly on the 25th by the company or professional to the lessor.

Purchase option

A leasing provision giving the lessee the right to buy the equipment at the end of the contract for an amount predetermined in the contract.

First lease

The initial payment made upon signing the Leasing contract.

Remaining value

The unamortized equipment financial value at the end of the leasing contract.

Equipment leasing

A type of leasing only regarding equipment and materiel.

Property leasing

A type of leasing only regarding equipment and material

Leasing: For Whom Or For What?

Leasing users are professionals and companies such as:


Leasing commerçants

Liberal Professions

Leasing commerçants

Major Companies

Leasing commerçants
What can be financed with leasing?

Leasing finances all the goods necessary for the company’s activities, whether equipment or real estate.
When Leasing refers to equipment and tools, it is called equipment Leasing, for example:

  • Forklifts
  • Professional vehicles
  • Transport trucks or fleet
Haiti Leasing

5 Reasons For Choosing Ayiti Leasing


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